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Thursday, May 14, 2015

10 + 1 tips to sell more in your shop online

When we seek passive income on the Internet almost always we think of the option of creating a microfiche, because once manages to position it may give stable profits with little update, although the task of SEO requires a lot of effort and dedication during a long period of time. In addition, microfiches have another negative point: if they are temporary, after this fashion will not only benefit and we must ensure that AdWords advertisers pay enough during the rest of the time in which it is positioned. To say that an algorithm change could plunge your website if you have made Black Hat SEO techniques and will never give microfiche profits.

By this I do not mean to be a bad source of income, let alone throw away the idea of ​​creating a microfiche. From my experience I can say that they can get good income with one, and if we create more, we could expect to live just microfiches Internet.

Tips for selling in your store online

But my recommendation is another: looking for alternative ways to make money online. Because if tomorrow the microfiches not become profitable, you have to start from scratch to seek other sources of income. Is not it better to start as soon as possible?

The online stores can be one of those alternatives. And so you can create an online store effectively (or see if you're doing well, if you already have one), I will share with you the eleven best tricks that will make your ecommerce strategy.

1. Include a blog

Previously it was common to find web pages were limited to companies that provide the most important features of their services to draw attention to the user. Today having a blog is not an opportunity, it is an obligation. And I have my reasons:

    SEO improves providing quality content to the page.
    You can practically offer tutorials that are tested your services.
    Transmit more confidence to users, because with the items you show that you know what you are doing.

2. Offers in social networks

Offers Social Media Online Shop

A great way to get loyal users and keep informed your followers is to have presence in social networks.

But keep in mind an important point, and how to use these platforms in attracting traffic or on improving sales from our shop, because for a good social media campaign we have to consider three fundamental pillars:

But none of the three is, separately, the ideal choice. When people really connects with your brand it is when you merge those three pillars, and to achieve that we need something to increase engagement, which will improve connectivity (even emotional) of the customer and the product.

A strategy that works well is to publish offers in the social networks, but now not only warning of what there is, but to give an exclusive to followers. If you have a physical business, how about some of these ideas?

    Post a tweet with a PDF. It would be a discount coupon if they have printed in the store can be used.
    To avoid problems with people who do not have printer, it can serve to display the document downloaded from the cell.
    If you want to be more creative, you can put something like: "If you come to our shop and blah do you say we save 50% in youth clothes."

We may also retain users with humor or with important events. For example, KitKat showed on Twitter image as a party of the World Cup was held. Of course, many people who felt identified with his team made RT and gave FAV:

3. Support online chat

online chat

People increasingly have less time. You need quick things, instantly, not to wait because it is frustrating and stressful. To solve this problem and improve support for our online store, the best tool is to have an online chat. For this we use platforms like " online" that lets you create chats quickly and easily. Now we can only hire someone who is in a fixed schedule.

The fixed schedule is something that goes a long way, do not look to online people when suits you depending on the day, because it can happen that the client will always connect at the same time and you will never see online to discuss their doubts, which could lead to a sale lost. If, however, publish a schedule with the hours when you are online, people will know when to enter the chat to talk instantly with people in charge of the support.

4. Fixed telephone, no personal motive

This serves to give a good image. People believe (or know) that we are professionals.

If we place a personal mobile will give you the feeling that we are people sitting in our room that neither we have been concerned in place an office (or, as the store does not give us good benefits, not quality and we can not afford an office) .

If we place the fixed, even that of our home, that we seem more serious and we have a space dedicated to discuss issues of the online store.

5. A shopping cart with a few short details

If your shop is affiliated have no problem with this, because all you do is drive traffic to the online store where you really will buy.

But if you're the one going to ship the item and you need to collect data from people, make sure you do not ask more to account and omits unnecessary steps. I recommend not to place more than three. As most four.

6. Limited offers (counters back)

limited offers

A scientifically proven technique is that the regressive timers with bids increase conversions, because seeing how they spend the seconds before his eyes will cause eventually end up buying the product.

10 + 1 tips to sell more in your shop online

7. "Call to action" with bright colors

call to action Mail Chimp

It is extremely important to control where it's going to go look for customers. This can be easily achieved considering the following aspects:

A button that should be conspicuous or yes, is "Buy" because otherwise it would not be the first time anyone not located where they click to continue shopping, since the button color is camouflaged with Overall color on the online store. The same goes for the shopping cart; button to access it must also striking.

You have to know very well determine where to place these attractive elements, and when you have decided, make sure you have not gone through these elements. Sometimes, we think there are so many important things that ended up having two dominant colors and we are back in the same: neither highlighted.

For example, in Mail chimp predominantly white and gray. If you look, the only button that is a bright color (red) is to register.
8. Share achievements that convey confidence

Buy online in places where you have to place information such as bank account or Paypal has a downside, is that customers will not trust in the first place in your store.


In this it helps to have a good theme that looks professional, but also includes achievements or awards (in conspicuous places) you have obtained along your path so that people fear is removed to enter personal data.
9. Reviews, ratings, VAT and delivery time in each product


We return to the same theme as before: confidence. Must appear (and be) a serious and good products online store. Before buying, customers will carefully look at three important aspects that I try the following:

Reviews: Most you see in online stores that are not famous are false opinions. For a more will not happen anything, so invent names and let your imagination. They must seem like they are real people, so varies both the form of expression as how to write (with misspellings, many commas, capitalization ...).
 Rating: If you can put stars or ratings You can also manipulate them to put them high. This will also increase the confidence and, consequently, sales.
 VAT (and handling) always puts the price including VAT and shipping costs. Do not put small "plus VAT" because it is not anything serious, and neither resembles the transparent tent that we want to become. Also when the client see that by paying the price increases because it includes VAT, could lose. Is not it better to convince from the beginning?
    Delivery time: people do not have time for anything, I repeat. If you see that you have a fast shipping, you could go to another online store that does specify the time it takes to ship the product. Amazon does this very well, because it has a system that detects the current date and tells you the day you have at home.

10. Store Mobile version

One tip is probably not the first time you hear it. More and more users visiting from mobile, so it is important to have a responsive design that fits any screen size.

It is true that people do not usually buy from mobile, but if they like what they saw from the mobile surely then turn on the computer to buy the products they had seen.

11. SEM with effective landing pages

This is something I've seen very little despite the great effectiveness and conversion rate it has.

When creating ads (AdWords, Facebook Ads, Ads Twitter or any other platform) have to focus mainly on properly segmenting our audience.

Now, we have our target audience and started getting that traffic to pay, but we note that conversions are not expected. Why does this happen?

Well, very simple. If you're promoting to "buy black jackets" and people access your online store, you will see many other products that maybe are not what you expected to see. Conversely, you can direct these clicks to a specific landing page that speaks specifically of the product, showing a list of the best deals. At the end of the day, people have agreed to this landing page is because they were looking for that, so they want to know all the facts do not see the rest of the products you have in the online store.

To further improve conversions, it offers flagship product. Good, nice and cheap. Customers do not like to choose, the brain is lazy by nature and wants to give all done (that's one reason why we should not drive traffic to the home of the online store: you will see many things we do not know what choose and will end leaving).

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