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Thursday, May 14, 2015

10 + 1 tips to sell more in your shop online

When we seek passive income on the Internet almost always we think of the option of creating a microfiche, because once manages to position it may give stable profits with little update, although the task of SEO requires a lot of effort and dedication during a long period of time. In addition, microfiches have another negative point: if they are temporary, after this fashion will not only benefit and we must ensure that AdWords advertisers pay enough during the rest of the time in which it is positioned. To say that an algorithm change could plunge your website if you have made Black Hat SEO techniques and will never give microfiche profits.

By this I do not mean to be a bad source of income, let alone throw away the idea of ​​creating a microfiche. From my experience I can say that they can get good income with one, and if we create more, we could expect to live just microfiches Internet.

Tips for selling in your store online

But my recommendation is another: looking for alternative ways to make money online. Because if tomorrow the microfiches not become profitable, you have to start from scratch to seek other sources of income. Is not it better to start as soon as possible?

The online stores can be one of those alternatives. And so you can create an online store effectively (or see if you're doing well, if you already have one), I will share with you the eleven best tricks that will make your ecommerce strategy.

1. Include a blog

Previously it was common to find web pages were limited to companies that provide the most important features of their services to draw attention to the user. Today having a blog is not an opportunity, it is an obligation. And I have my reasons:

    SEO improves providing quality content to the page.
    You can practically offer tutorials that are tested your services.
    Transmit more confidence to users, because with the items you show that you know what you are doing.

2. Offers in social networks

Offers Social Media Online Shop

A great way to get loyal users and keep informed your followers is to have presence in social networks.

But keep in mind an important point, and how to use these platforms in attracting traffic or on improving sales from our shop, because for a good social media campaign we have to consider three fundamental pillars:

But none of the three is, separately, the ideal choice. When people really connects with your brand it is when you merge those three pillars, and to achieve that we need something to increase engagement, which will improve connectivity (even emotional) of the customer and the product.

A strategy that works well is to publish offers in the social networks, but now not only warning of what there is, but to give an exclusive to followers. If you have a physical business, how about some of these ideas?

    Post a tweet with a PDF. It would be a discount coupon if they have printed in the store can be used.
    To avoid problems with people who do not have printer, it can serve to display the document downloaded from the cell.
    If you want to be more creative, you can put something like: "If you come to our shop and blah do you say we save 50% in youth clothes."

We may also retain users with humor or with important events. For example, KitKat showed on Twitter image as a party of the World Cup was held. Of course, many people who felt identified with his team made RT and gave FAV:

3. Support online chat

online chat

People increasingly have less time. You need quick things, instantly, not to wait because it is frustrating and stressful. To solve this problem and improve support for our online store, the best tool is to have an online chat. For this we use platforms like " online" that lets you create chats quickly and easily. Now we can only hire someone who is in a fixed schedule.

The fixed schedule is something that goes a long way, do not look to online people when suits you depending on the day, because it can happen that the client will always connect at the same time and you will never see online to discuss their doubts, which could lead to a sale lost. If, however, publish a schedule with the hours when you are online, people will know when to enter the chat to talk instantly with people in charge of the support.

4. Fixed telephone, no personal motive

This serves to give a good image. People believe (or know) that we are professionals.

If we place a personal mobile will give you the feeling that we are people sitting in our room that neither we have been concerned in place an office (or, as the store does not give us good benefits, not quality and we can not afford an office) .

If we place the fixed, even that of our home, that we seem more serious and we have a space dedicated to discuss issues of the online store.

5. A shopping cart with a few short details

If your shop is affiliated have no problem with this, because all you do is drive traffic to the online store where you really will buy.

But if you're the one going to ship the item and you need to collect data from people, make sure you do not ask more to account and omits unnecessary steps. I recommend not to place more than three. As most four.

6. Limited offers (counters back)

limited offers

A scientifically proven technique is that the regressive timers with bids increase conversions, because seeing how they spend the seconds before his eyes will cause eventually end up buying the product.

10 + 1 tips to sell more in your shop online

7. "Call to action" with bright colors

call to action Mail Chimp

It is extremely important to control where it's going to go look for customers. This can be easily achieved considering the following aspects:

A button that should be conspicuous or yes, is "Buy" because otherwise it would not be the first time anyone not located where they click to continue shopping, since the button color is camouflaged with Overall color on the online store. The same goes for the shopping cart; button to access it must also striking.

You have to know very well determine where to place these attractive elements, and when you have decided, make sure you have not gone through these elements. Sometimes, we think there are so many important things that ended up having two dominant colors and we are back in the same: neither highlighted.

For example, in Mail chimp predominantly white and gray. If you look, the only button that is a bright color (red) is to register.
8. Share achievements that convey confidence

Buy online in places where you have to place information such as bank account or Paypal has a downside, is that customers will not trust in the first place in your store.


In this it helps to have a good theme that looks professional, but also includes achievements or awards (in conspicuous places) you have obtained along your path so that people fear is removed to enter personal data.
9. Reviews, ratings, VAT and delivery time in each product


We return to the same theme as before: confidence. Must appear (and be) a serious and good products online store. Before buying, customers will carefully look at three important aspects that I try the following:

Reviews: Most you see in online stores that are not famous are false opinions. For a more will not happen anything, so invent names and let your imagination. They must seem like they are real people, so varies both the form of expression as how to write (with misspellings, many commas, capitalization ...).
 Rating: If you can put stars or ratings You can also manipulate them to put them high. This will also increase the confidence and, consequently, sales.
 VAT (and handling) always puts the price including VAT and shipping costs. Do not put small "plus VAT" because it is not anything serious, and neither resembles the transparent tent that we want to become. Also when the client see that by paying the price increases because it includes VAT, could lose. Is not it better to convince from the beginning?
    Delivery time: people do not have time for anything, I repeat. If you see that you have a fast shipping, you could go to another online store that does specify the time it takes to ship the product. Amazon does this very well, because it has a system that detects the current date and tells you the day you have at home.

10. Store Mobile version

One tip is probably not the first time you hear it. More and more users visiting from mobile, so it is important to have a responsive design that fits any screen size.

It is true that people do not usually buy from mobile, but if they like what they saw from the mobile surely then turn on the computer to buy the products they had seen.

11. SEM with effective landing pages

This is something I've seen very little despite the great effectiveness and conversion rate it has.

When creating ads (AdWords, Facebook Ads, Ads Twitter or any other platform) have to focus mainly on properly segmenting our audience.

Now, we have our target audience and started getting that traffic to pay, but we note that conversions are not expected. Why does this happen?

Well, very simple. If you're promoting to "buy black jackets" and people access your online store, you will see many other products that maybe are not what you expected to see. Conversely, you can direct these clicks to a specific landing page that speaks specifically of the product, showing a list of the best deals. At the end of the day, people have agreed to this landing page is because they were looking for that, so they want to know all the facts do not see the rest of the products you have in the online store.

To further improve conversions, it offers flagship product. Good, nice and cheap. Customers do not like to choose, the brain is lazy by nature and wants to give all done (that's one reason why we should not drive traffic to the home of the online store: you will see many things we do not know what choose and will end leaving).

If you need Information about Insurance, Please follow links

        .Visitor Insurance     

12 tips to generate steady income

The key is to make the survey a regular habit, so the sales funnel will be more complete, and make the "hockey stick" of income is a thing of the past. But setting up all the ideas at the same time could be unproductive, so the secret is properly select.

 Many sales representatives, managers and supervisors complain that you can not create a steady income stream commissions month after month. Instead of a straight line that consistently increases over time as an arrow pointing up, they are looking repeatedly sales results as a hockey stick. Few commissions for two months, a sharp increase over a month or two, and then down again a month later.

 So what can you do to keep your sales funnel prospects to ensure a consistent and reliable revenue stream for all year?

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, lack of steady income (the "Hockey Stick Syndrome") is caused by the lack of evidence of prospecting. Regular lack of prospects inevitably leads to irregular income, commissions and inconsistent. It's that simple.

This is especially true when we do well. It is very easy to forget when we are prospecting wrapped hot business, requiring long and multiple meetings, calls consultations, demonstrations. We felt a peace that failure to follow prospecting becomes for some in a desperate search for customers or prospects to offer their products or services.

But this is precisely the time when more have to prospect, to ensure the steady flow of sales remain consistent over time.

The survey can be a difficult task for many people is daunting. The simple fact is that not all sales reps want to.

 I still have not found a top professional sales for prospecting has not played a major role in its success.

And let's face it, the prospects do not fall from heaven. After all, although you master all technical questions, closing and negotiation, if you have a prospect or customer ahead of you can hardly apply this knowledge and skills.

 So if you stop the pace of exploration to the end of daily list may prophecy is fulfilled hockey stick.

Here are 12 tips to help you ensure that your sales funnel is full of potential customers:

1. Sell more products to existing customers. This may include the sale of additional quantities of the same product, selling complement to the services or products of its existing portfolio, or the introduction to your existing customers to a new product that may be interested.

For starters, be in touch with current customers through a combination of direct (telephone calls) and indirect (email, direct mail) once every six weeks, with the aim of selling other products or repeat orders.

Just do not go overboard, do not call too close together or you can cross the magic line between persistence and stalking.

 2. Set a goal for number of networking events you attend each month, and the number of new people who would like to contact. Collect as many business cards of people who may be future customers.

3. Reward yourself for closing new business. Enjoy a short weekend trip, or dine out at a theme restaurant. Remember: what is rewarded is repeated.

12 tips to generate steady income

4. Take a look at their lists database. Set an email marketing campaign aimed at familiarizing potential new customers to your business or products. then follow up by phone.

 5. Ask your current clients for other contacts and they know you can not come so easily. The key is to be as specific as possible. For example, not only adopting a generic approach, do you know anyone that?.

Instead, make a list of all the businesses and people who want to know, approach existing customers who may have contact with new prospects, and then just ask: Mr. Customer have been trying to get the vice president of marketing for ABC SA an interview and I could not get it yet, could you introduce?

If this is one of its trading partners or associates it is likely that your client know the person you want to know, and probably will be more than happy to make the introduction.

 6. Go for a walk around his territory, and take a look at who is in the neighborhood. Then try to do some cold calling. The change in perspective can be refreshing, and you never know when you will find bargains in which you had not thought of.

 7. Make a habit of lunch, coffee or breakfast with at least one new person every week. Share ideas, and give all the clues that can help them first.

 8. Write relevant articles online or print publications that your potential customers can read. It's not that hard to be published as one might think, and once it has been published once, it becomes easier. Just be sure to keep all rights to their articles by not being paid to write.

Then, once they have been published, send an email or postcard to your prospects and customers inviting them to read it. Also, try to submit your articles to the larger publications (trust me) do not bite, and if your article is accepted, it will improve your credibility and visibility to the public.

9. Volunteer to speak at trade shows and conferences. As a general rule, you should talk to each trade show and conference. Expose issues with attractive prospects to ask for more information or proposals on the subject. Invite prospects to your conference for free, and set specific times to meet people. In this way, you will receive a steady flow of traffic.

 10. Be excellent at what he does. Word travels fast, so do everything possible to ensure that all the talk about you are positive.

 11. If possible, join professional associations or organizations of your customers and prospects to which they belong. Not only do these partnerships will keep up to date on what is happening in the industry, also it provides a great opportunity to meet key people and meet their needs. To build a successful network, be sure to attend meetings as often as possible, not just once or twice a year.

 12. Finally, a cost-effective way to keep your name in front of potential customers, try sending emails to prospects, with relevant topics. Send this correspondence once every six weeks

 Of course, this is not a complete list of all possible ways to build your network and find new prospects. But there are some time-honored that I have been given result ideas.

And remember, you do not need to implement all these ideas at once to become a successful prospector. In fact, it could be unproductive. At the same time, you should practice at least four of these twelve techniques, and make sure you choose the four, the will practice with their customers.

 The key is to make the survey a regular habit. By allocating a fixed amount of time every day, every week, to meet new people, in the long run, your sales funnel will be more complete and "hockey stick" income will be a thing of the past.

Friday, January 2, 2015

20 ways to make money in your spare time

There are ways to generate income outside the 9-5 grind - get busy in your free time and you could see the pounds rolling in. Moneywise shows you how to make money with our top money making tips.
Austerity measures from the coalition government has meant many people have had to tighten their belts. While sticking to a budget and finding ways to cut back are advisable, with a little imagination and effort you could find there are ways you can actually make money.
Moneywise has come up with 20 ways to make money during austere times - some are easier than others but all of them could see you make some extra cash.

1. Track down old accounts

According to the British Bankers’ Association, there is more than £15 billion sitting forgotten in bank and savings accounts in the UK, with the average balance estimated to be £600.
The good news is that tracing lost funds has become easier with – a free online service that covers all UK bank and building society accounts. All you need to do is to go to the website and type in your details.
How to track down money in lost accounts

2. Claim tax credits

It’s always worth checking that you are receiving all the tax credits you are eligible for. Research by found that people across the UK are collectively missing out on benefits and tax credits worth more than £8 billion a year. So while you’re tracing lost funds, why not visit the website too and work out how much you could claim.
Take a look at our competition page for the latest prizes and giveaways.

3. Sort your savings

Another easy way to make money is to make sure your savings are working as hard as they can.
If you’ve had the same savings account for a while it might be worth shopping around because new customers tend to get the most competitive rates. Good rates come and go, but if you've had a savings account for more than a year the chances are the interest you are earning is not the best out there.
If you have a lump sum that you are prepared to lock away for 12 months or longer, then a fixed-rate account might be best. This type of deal will also protect you from interest rate cuts.
If you want to start a savings habit then a regular savings account is a good way to ensure you put a set amount of money away each month. But if you want to make deposits as and when, an instant access deal could be the one for you.
However, if you haven't yet used your ISA allowance for the current tax year then this sort of account should be the first home for any savings. You can save up to £5,100 each tax year as cash in an ISA and this will not be taxed.
Find the best Cash ISA or savings account for you

4. Use cashback credit cards

If you pay off your credit bill in full each month, a cashback credit card could be the way to go. These offer you moneyback on purchases in certain shops or on goods such as petrol.
Cashback credit cards are a great way to reward savvy spenders,” says Andrew Hagger, from, a price comparison website. “You can earn extra cash without even having to change your shopping habits.”

Make money online

5. Cashback sites

You can earn even more money from shopping online. Cashback websites will automatically pay you every time you buy a product or a service from selected retailers, from your weekly groceries to switching your utility provider.
Websites include, and which offer 100% commission cashback.
Featured Cashback Websites
  • Membership options - Has a free option and a premium option with an annual fee of £5
  • Minimum payout - there is no minimum, you can pay out even if you have 50p
  • Notes- When you register as a default option you are signed up to a free 1 month premium trial, if you won’t downgrade they will take away £5 from your earnings

6. Paid for surveys

The web also offers a wealth of balance-boosting opportunities. Survey websites such as, and will all reward you for your opinions, either through cash or reward vouchers.
Once you’ve registered on the website, you’ll be sent surveys tailored to your personal profile, ranging from 10p to £2 per survey.

7. Earn from web research

Any Question Answered (, are often on the lookout for internet researchers. Once a customer asks a question through their mobile phone, it’s the researcher’s job to hunt out the answer and reply online.
You can choose your own hours and the questions you answer, and can earn around 30p for every question you answer correctly.

8. Review music

Budding Simon Cowells amongst us should check out, a music website that pays users to review unsigned bands. The idea is simple: you sign up, listen to a track, rate it and write an honest review. You’ll get 5p per review, but the more reviews you make the more you can charge – experienced reviewers can command 25p per song.
“If you’re a dedicated reviewer, you can earn some decent pocket money, some users have earned in excess of £1,000,” says David Courtier-Dutton, the founder of

Rent your stuff for money

9. Take in a lodger

While most of us pay a fortune for our homes, it’s possible to make your home make money for you.
According to Santander, you could make as much as £289 a month from renting out a spare room. Under the government’s ‘rent a room’ scheme, you don’t need to pay tax on the first £4,250 you receive either, which means you could charge up to £354.16 a month without being lumbered with a tax bill.

10. Rent out a parking space

If you live close to a city centre, train station or football stadium and don’t use your parking space or garage, you’re sitting on a proverbial goldmine. Renting an empty parking place to a commuter or football fan could see you rake in the pounds. is a website where you can advertise your space free of charge and let frustrated drivers get in touch. A parking space in the West End of London, for example, can fetch £500 a month, while in a leafy suburb of Leeds a space could net you £100.

11. Rent your home to film makers

Hollywood can come to your home too, provided you have the right location. If you live in an interesting property, you could bag upwards of £1,000 a day renting your home to film and TV companies. Ideal locations must have large rooms, good parking facilities and understanding neighbours. Ordinary homes are wanted too.
Five ways to cash in on your home

Get into showbusiness

12. Be a Film extra

If you fancy seeing yourself on screen, film and TV companies are always on the hunt for extras. You could make up to £150 a day and get the chance to meet some famous actors. However, you will need to join an agency first.

13. Model your child

While every parent thinks their child is a star, model agencies could think so too. If you think your little one has what it takes, the first step is to contact an agency to ask about their requirements. You will be asked to send in a head and shoulders photo of your child, either by post or email.
If your child stands out, you’ll both be invited for an interview, to assess if your child is right for TV, photo or film. Depending on the child’s age, shoots pay upwards £50 an hour, but bear in mind that agencies can charge up to 25% commission.

Sell your unwanted items

14. Auctions

We’re all guilty of hoarding items that "could come in handy one day". But one man’s rubbish could be another man’s treasure, which is why online auction website is so successful. In fact, eBay estimates the average British house has about £450 worth of unwanted items that could be sold on the site.
Make cash from your old junk
For more valuable items, it could be worth going to an auction. Jonty Hearnden, antiques expert and presenter of BBC 1's Cash in the Attic and Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting, says you should contact a local auctioneer if you think an item could be valuable.
"You could be asked to email across a digital photo, which the auctioneer will assess for free, or the auctioneer might visit you at no extra cost to take a closer look - especially if it is a large item," he explains.

15. Car boot sales

If you’d prefer money in your palm instantly, a car boot sale is the place to go. Thousands of people flock to car boot sales every weekend, with pitches costing about £10 a day. To find out where to flog your booty, check out
Make money from car boot sales

16. Recycle your old mobile

Many of us have an old mobile phone gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, but you could easily turn it into cash, even if it is slightly damaged. Websites such as, and will tell you how much your phone is worth. An iPhone 3G, for example, could fetch around £130.
Cash in on your old mobile

Sell yourself

17. Mystery shopper

If you're longing for some retail therapy but can’t afford to hit the shops, why not earn a few pounds as a mystery shopper? Websites such as employ mystery shoppers to drop in unannounced in shops and restaurants and rate their experience.
After you send in your feedback, you’ll be paid for your time and reimbursed for any purchases you made. You could make up to £20 a day, and get a meal or a night in a nice hotel thrown in for good measure.

18. Sell your skills

We all have skills and talents so why not use these to make a few extra quid.
“If you spent years of your life being marched to piano lessons, put the experience to good use in adulthood by advertising your services in the local newspaper as a music teacher, says Laura Howard in her book,'s 100 Ways to Beat the Credit Crunch.
"Just three hour-long lessons a week could see you up to £60 better off, not to mention the sense of satisfaction you will get. The same applies for languages."

19. Clinical trials for money

Volunteering for medical experiments doesn’t just have to involve taking untested and risky drugs. Some clinical trials are perfectly safe, such as sleep studies, psychological tests and taste testers. Fit and healthy volunteers living in London willing to donate their blood for clinical research, for example, could be paid £60 a time.
But remember, never sign up for anything you are not happy with – risking your health for a few extra pounds is just not worth it. Go to for trials in your area.

20. Join the Army Reserves

If you’re brave and committed enough to sign up, the Army Reserves (formerly known as the Territorial Army) is always looking for recruits. You would need to give up one weekend a month, attend an annual two-week camp for basic training and be ready to be called to active service.
Basic pay starts at £34.41 a day, but can rise to £112.51. When you meet the minimum yearly training requirement (27 days if you’re in a Regional Territorial unit, 19 days if you’re in a National unit) you receive an extra payment known as a bounty. This increases as you spend more time as a Reserve, so within five years of joining, you could receive an extra £1,600 a year. Go to for details. But it's worth bearing in mind that you could end up being deployed, making this a more serious option than the ones above.

25 ways to earn money when you’re broke on the road

YOU REACH INTO you wallet to pay for your hostel bed for the night, and come up empty. You dig deeper, finding only receipts and pocket lint.
You realize you’re out of money.
Nervous, you excuse yourself from the hostel clerk and rip open your backpack, in search of a secret stash of cash. Nothing. Not even a few coins.
All you have left are some smelly socks, an overdrawn bank account and an unquenchable thirst for adventure.
What do you do? Pack up your gear, hang your head in shame as you call your friends/parents to send the money for a ticket home? Or do you consider these innovative options for funding a life on the road:
1. Travel Writer
Considered by many as the ultimate travel job, writing for online publications can help you buy your next mug of beer. Work your way to becoming the next Hunter S. Thomson by learning about the craft and querying your next inspired idea.
2. Wield that camera
National Geographic may not be knocking your door down, but that doesn’t mean that your photos don’t deserve an audience. Try selling your landscape and portrait shots to travel publications or submit it to a stock photography company such as, Andes Press Agency and Getty Images.
3. Video journalism
With the advent of Youtube amateur videos are in great demand. Become a backpack film maker, set up your own vblog or simply sell it to tourism sites.
National Geographic may not be knocking your door down, but that doesn’t mean that your photos don’t deserve an audience.
4. Busking
If you’re talented (or even if you aren’t), this is a great way to earn money. Just make sure you’re not taking someone else’s “spot” and check the legalities of performing in a certain area. Or if the police come, you could just run away really fast.
5. Work an a Bookstore
It’s a great way to show-off your “intellectual” side whilst devouring the latest books. Keep in mind that most may require a work permit before they hire you. A great alternative is to bunk in Paris’ famed Shakespeare and Company where the owner offers free beds and work in exchange that you promise to read at least one book a day.
6. Online Poker
This is the perfect money-making means for risk takers. Many travelers who have funded their trips from their winnings on Online Poker. Make sure to weigh the risks of wiping out your bank account and developing a gambling problem.
7. Massage
Have you been known to make your dates swoon with your suave massage moves? Maybe it’s time you put your seduction skills to good use by working as a freelance masseuse. Find willing clients on the beach or a location where people are looking to relaaaaxxxx. Invest in some scented oil, clean nails and your most disarming smile and you’ll have enough funds for your own spa treatment.
WWoofing it for cash / Photo strickeal
8. Farm Work
Fruit picking and farm work is one of the favorite possibilities for hippies, idealists and masochists. Though it is literally hard labor, it’s a paying job with invaluable perks, like meeting new people, enjoying the outdoors and having a unique experience.
One of the best resources is Transitions Abroad, Matador’s Guide to WWOOFING and Finding Paying Work in Europe.
9. Construction
If you’d like to fatten your wallet whilst trimming your waistline, then take on some short-term construction work. Who knows, with your newly sculpted abs and beefy biceps, you may find other uses for that tool belt.
10. Work in a hostel
Many hostels hire part-time workers in exchange for cheaper rates on rooms. Cleaning up after travelers may seem pretty disgusting, but it’s an opportunity for quick cash, a free bed and some new friends.
11. Painting
You don’t have to cut off your ear to get a painting gig, but you can put your artistic abilities to good use by offering your services for home, office or building refurbishments.
12. Dishwasher or Kitchen Staff
Grab some leftovers without having to resort to dumpster diving. Experience the stress, camaraderie and craziness of working in a restaurant’s kitchen. It may even open your eyes to a new career path like it did for bad-ass chef extraordinaire, Anthony Bourdain.
Get prodded and poked by nervous science students in the UK, US and in Europe as a guinea pig.
13. For the love of science…or some cash
If you were the type of kid that purposely ignores the expiration date on milk cartons just to “see what would happen,” then this is the job for you. Get prodded and poked by nervous science students in the UK, US and in Europe with Get Paid to Guinea Pig.
14. Donate Blood
So what if you feel a bit woozy? A train to Russia is not cheap. Sissy. Plus, you’re helping save lives.
15. Modeling
Do you enjoy staring at your reflection on train windows and hostel mirrors? Then throw down that backpack for a few hours and head off to the glamorous world of commercial and print modeling. Often found in the gigs section of craigslist ads and city job sites, these opportunities require little more than a few cheesy poses.
16. Movie Extra
Run through the streets of Berlin with Jason Bourne or flee Godzilla’s rampage in Tokyo by working as a movie extra. You can check out casting agencies, local job posts or even the local couchsurfing group where independent film makers often post openings. It’s a great way to rub elbows with international celebrities (or at least tell your friends you did), earn some fast cash and possibly get discovered.
17. Recycle
Yes, saving the environment does pay. In most European cities, you can get cash back for the bottles you collect. Scour the hostel lounge and trash cans for some empty containers which you can take to the local supermarket where you’ll be given enough change to finally buy that banana you’ve been eyeing.
Play the streets as a busker / Photo Kafka4prez
18. Sports events
Run after wayward golf balls or mop up the latest spillage from the Tae Kwon Do championships. For sports enthusiasts, it’s a great way to earn some money whilst gaining insight on the local games.
19. Trim some bushes
No, not those, pervert. Knock on a few doors and ask if they need any cleaning, yard work or repairs done. Though you may be chased off by Rover (or Ganesh if you’re in India), with a rumbling stomach, anything is worth a try.
20. Expositions
If you consider yourself a master of setting up tents, then challenge yourself by working at an exposition. Find these jobs on the city classified pages and help put up the displays, tarps and booths for a quick and easy buck.
21. Write Content
If you’ve been annoying your friends and family back home with your lengthy emails, then maybe its time to get paid by writing about other things than yourself. Work for a site that pays per hits such as, and
22. Resell stuff
Don’t quite know what to do with that weird doll you got in Romania? Then sell it in your next location. From convincing your bunkmate to buy your lucky charms to auctioning fleamarket finds on ebay, reselling unusual travel goods can turn into quite the lucrative on-the-road business.
23. Handicrafts
If you’ve got a knack for crochet or can weave a basket at hyper speed, then selling some of your crafts can be used towards funding your next bus ticket. At the very least, you could make yourself something warm for those homeless evenings.
24. Festival Stalking
One of the best ways to combine a crazy cultural adventure, lots of drinking and enough dough for your next hangover spot is to work the festival circuit. You could either apply for a gig in one of the stands or push your own agenda by selling homemade space cakes, jell-o shots or setting up a kissing booth.
25. Sail Away
Sail off towards the sunset by working on a yacht or a cruise ship. You can find work by perusing crew job sites or simply asking people by the harbor if they have any leads. It provides a sense of freedom, a means to sustain to yourself and a way to get to your next stop.
Being on the road with very little or no cash may seem daunting at first, but the challenge of using your imagination to provide for yourself will make the experience all the more exciting and valuable.

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44 ideas to make extra money


Make extra cash

1. Rent our your spare room
If you’ve got an empty bedroom, why not take in a lodger? You can earn up to £4,250 tax-free income on your spare room, and with a summer of sport including Wimbledon and The Ashes coming up, there’s never been a better time to advertise your room. Check out SpareRoom, Gumtree and Easyroommate to advertise your room for free.
2. Save £££ with Direct Debit
Switch your utility bills to being paid by Direct Debit – it could save you over £300 a year. Npower, for example, is giving its customers who switch to Direct Debit an annual discount of up to £100. Just make sure you still regularly check your bills – and make sure you’re with the best-value energy supplier to start with (use our simple energy comparison tool to quickly check whether you’re on the best deal).

moneymagpie product of the month

3. Sell unwanted DVDs and CDs
Make some extra cash selling your old, unwanted DVDs, CDs, games, books and tickets on websites like,, eBay and MusicMagpie. In fact, why not de-clutter your whole house and sell everything you no longer need?!

4. Make cash from your driveway
If you don’t use your garage or driveway you could rent it out for money – particularly if you are in London or another parking-unfriendly city. Just register with a site like ParkatmyHouse, put your postcode in and wait for desperate would-be parkers to contact you.
For more details read our full article on making money renting out your driveway or garage.

Make Money Legally

5. NHS secretaries – make money transcribing
If you’re a medical secretary you can make extra money by transcribing medical notes in your spare time. Companies, such as DICT8, will pay you to write up medical notes and the best bit is that you don’t even have to leave your own home, as they’ll send all the information you need to your computer. You can do as much or as little as you want, and you’re paid on a ‘per line’ basis.

6. Have your true story published
Sell true-life stories to newspapers and magazines can be fairly lucrative, you can earn between £200 and £2,000 depending on the story. Take a Break magazine offers up to £1,000 for sensational stories, so if you’ve got something to say don’t hold back!
Check out our full article on how to sell your story.

the moneymagpie loans comparison tool

7. Take part in clinical trials
Did you know you can make up to £4,000 taking part in clinical trials? Volunteering for clinical trials doesn’t have to involve taking risky drugs. Many trials are perfectly safe – some are simply sleep studies or psychological tests. The exact nature of the trial (along with any possible risk of side effects) will be clearly explained so you can make an informed decision.
If you’re in any doubt about any aspect of the trial, ask. If you’re still not convinced, don’t sign up for anything you’re not happy with – risking your health or your peace of mind for a bit of extra cash isn’t worth it. See, Trials4us and GlaxoSmithKlein to find trials in your area, and check out The British Medical Association for more information on clinical trials.


Get paid for your opinion

8. Fill out surveys
Online surveys are a great way to make some extra cash or store vouchers. Never pay to join an online survey site and set up a separate email account so your personal one doesn’t get flooded with spam.
Survey sites we recommend include:

9. Review products for money
If you have some free time, will pay you £3 for each review you write. Find out more about

10. Mystery shopping
Mystery shopping is a fun way to earn some extra money while shopping, or testing services at local restaurants and pubs. Sounds like a dream job! TNS is looking for new shoppers nationwide to assess a variety of different businesses such as shops and restaurants. Read our essential article about mystery shopping for more useful links and information.

Mystery Shopping Ebook

11. Proofread
It can be very boring to read pile of unedited work; however the pay is decent at £10 an hour for a novice and up to £30 an hour for someone with qualifications. Look at the home working directory and go through the companies that are looking for proofreaders.
images (3)

 Make money online

12. Get cash for your ink cartridges
thumbnail (10) 
 The Recycling Factory will pay up to £4.10 per empty cartridge, whilst Cash for Cartridges will pay as much as £4.50 a time. You’ll be doing your bit for recycling, while making a tidy sum into the bargain! If you can collect your friend’s and family’s unwanted cartridges, you can make even more.
Also find out what your employer’s policy is towards used ink cartridges. Many needlessly throw hundreds away each year – so why not take them off their hands? Read our article – make money recycling your old gadgets.

the moneymagpie broadband comparison tool

13. Grab freebies and discounts
Websites like Gumtree and Freecycle have loads of adverts for free things – quite often they might need repairing or doing up, but you could find a real bargain. For group discounts and deals check out great sites like Groupon, Mighty Deals, Groupola and
Take a look at our regularly updated article on freebies, discounts and vouchers for more great bargains.

14. Join Twitter
OK, so just joining Twitter won’t make you a millionaire – but it is a fantastic, quick paced forum for picking up little extra  jobs to make money on the side. Try @extrapeopleltd who tweet ads for lookalikes and extras or go to TwitJobSearch, type in what work you want to do and see how many tweets pop up!

15. Post your skills for free
Want to do some babysitting in your area, or cleaning, or if you’re good at DIY and could put up other people’s shelves? Post yourself and your skills on Gumtree for free. It’s an online forum that anyone can advertise on. If you need someone to mend your computer or cut your lawn for you, you can go onto the site and find someone who can do it for you.

16. Make money blogging
There are occasionally websites seeking bloggers to write daily posts, reviews and adding links. It won’t pay really well but it can be a useful little earner for little effort – particularly if you already enjoy writing your own blog. Check on Gumtree under both the part-time work and the media, design and creative tabs.


  Jobs for students

17. Get paid to party
Become a consultant for The Body Shop. The Body Shop recruits people to sell their products at special beauty parties in people’s homes. If the party goes well, you could earn over £100 in just one evening as well as receive lots of beauty products for free. What’s more, as you get to decide when you want to host these evenings, you can work as little or often as you like.

18. Promote clubs
Like clubbing? Do you have lots of friends? Make money by bringing them into clubs. Go to Velvet PR for free. Tell them where you live and they’ll let you know which clubs need promoting.

the moneymagpie savings accounts comparison tool

19. Get paid to buy alcohol
Beer at Tramdot adjacent to Bear Park
Are you 18 or 19 years old? Looking for a well-paid part-time job? How about getting paid to go to the pub?  Plus you get to keep the drink! All you have to do is have a valid passport or driving licence and right to work in the UK. Head to Serve Legal to find out more.

20. Festival staff
Festaff supplies casual staff for over a dozen music festivals in the UK including Bestival, Creamfields, Wickerman, Camp Bestival, Isle of Wight Festival, Sonispshere, Rockness and Beachdown. This work is seasonal, they’re always recruiting, so if you fancy going to a festival next year for free keep an eye on Festaff for recruitment opportunities. Pay is minimum wage – but you do get free entrance to the festival and camp facilities.

21. Work at events
Promo Agency provides a directory of promotional staffing agencies for you to get in touch with and get work for anything from marketing campaigning to modeling or waiting on tables. If you’re a student and want to get some bar experience whilst earning money, or if you’re just looking for a convenient part time job, sign up with 247 recruit and work at trendy events like the Sonisphere Festival, T4 on the beach and many more! The pay is £6.65 – £7.65 plus lunch and uniform and you can choose which events you do so it’s nice and flexible. Visit 247 recruit to search for part time or full time work . There’s also plenty of opportunities for promotion once you start.

22. Become a life model
If you’re comfortable with nudity, you could make good money as a life model. Pay depends on where you are in the country, but you could earn between £8 and £10 an hour. Take a look at our article on how to make money as a life model for details of how to get started.

23. Distribute free papers
Earn yourself as much as £10 an hour handing out the Evening Standard, or The Metro (which is distributed all over the UK). Apply to The Network and find out more about getting paid to deliver.

24. Get paid to review music
If you’re a music fan, you can sign up to the unique Slicethepie website for free and become a scout. This basically involves getting paid to listen to the music of unsigned bands from all over the world and review it. Obviously, your reviews have to be competent and fairly well informed, but need only be a few sentences long.
Initially you won’t make much, but as you get a better scout rating (i.e. the more reviews you make, and the more they agree with the majority of reviewers) you can make more and more.

25. Be a pedicab driver
Driving a pedicab/bug/rickshaw is a great way to stay in shape, meet loads of people and offer emission free transport to London’s visitors. The Bugbugs Community offers training with an accredited National Cycling Certificate awarded. The cost of training is £50, with a £100 deposit required for the duration of your employment, you keep everything you earn, so the harder you work, the more you make.
To find hundreds of job opportunities, as well as all the best offers and discounts for students, check out

 Get creative
26. Sell your photos
You don’t have to be a pro to sell your photos. Nor do you need to albums full of dramatic shots. If you have a library of decent, ordinary digital snaps – you may be able to sell them through online agencies like 123RF, Fotolia and Picture Nation. You’ll get a royalty fee each time a picture of yours sells. You’d be surprised at how many websites and businesses will be interested in using your pics – and are willing to pay for the privilege.

27. Make money from your creativity
If you’re good at arts and crafts, there’s a big market out there for your talents. Sites like Coriandr, Folksy and are crying out for people like you to sell their handmade goods online. These sites normally take a small commission of any sale you make (usually around 2-3%), but in return give you a ‘virtual shop’ for your goods. You could set up your own blog and sell your goods online, of course, but this is an easier route if you’re not web savvy. Plus, these sites attract a lot more customers than you would do if you set up a site on your own. Definitely worth a look!

28. Sell cards
To make a bit of money on the side you could start up your own card business. Starting up your own business sounds like a lot of work, but with Phoenix Trading it doesn’t have to be. To start off you simply order an Introductory Pack, which contains an application form which you then fill in and return along with your first order for cards.

29. Work as an extra
Want to be in a movie with your favourite celebrity? Always thought it would be fun to see your face on the big screen? Acting extras are ordinary people that are essential to setting up scenes in films or television shows. You can earn £65 for 9 hours of work, with a £20 bonus… not to mention the bragging rights if you are in the same shot, even momentarily, with lead actors. The Acting Website offers loads of information on how to become an extra, and you can see a directory of extra’s agents on UK Screen.

30. Create web pages
One of the most popular sites in the US is Squidoo. It is a site where people create a lens (their own webpage) on their favourite topic. The site then makes money from advertisers and links. It then pays 5% of its profits to charity, retains 45% to cover its admin costs, which leaves 50% of the profits for the writer or the charity of their choice. So get started writing about any of your favourite topics, it is free to set up and you can start earning some royalties.

31. Write travel guides
travel guide
Get paid to write travel guides at SimonSeeks. They are looking for intelligent, well-written and grammatically correct guides of holiday destinations. Register and upload your guide, await approval from the site’s editorial team, and get paid based on its popularity.

32. Write a story
If you’re a budding writer, you could try your hand at writing a short story for Clonepod, who produce science fiction and fantasy podcasts from work its users send in. They’ll pay you $25 through PayPal for a 2,000 word story that they like, and they don’t ask for any rights to the work at all – which is great if you want to try selling the story over and over again. Go to the Clonepod website to find out more.

33. Become a voice-over artist
voice over
Get paid around £50 an hour using your voice. Subscribe with, upload a sample of your voice and quickly and easily apply for voice-over jobs. (You may find that you get head hunted if you have a distinctive voice!) If you are successful, you will be on your way to recording and cash!

Earn money helping others

34. Host and teach foreign students
Can you teach English language? If you have time on your hands and a spare room, you could host a foreign student in your own home and earn extra money giving them tuition. People needed around the country. To host and teach English in your home visit the In Tuition Languages website. You could also rent your spare room out to a foreign student and get a bit of culture at the same time. For more useful information have a look at our article on hosting foreign students.

35. Become a nanny
If you’re looking for some part time nanny work, you can just be an after school nanny so it doesn’t take up your whole day. You’d be responsible for picking up the children from school at around 3pm and then taking them home and looking after them until their parents get home from work. The job involves supervising homework and playtime, preparing tea and ferrying the children around to any after-school activities they take part in. After-school nannies have to have at least 2 years of childcare experience, but no formal qualifications or age limits apply. For more information have a look at the After School Nannies website.
Check out our articles for more information childminding.

36. Become a personal tutor
TutorsIf you’re a graduate, and eligible to work in the UK you could earn extra cash as a home tutor for a range of subjects and levels, usually on a one-to-one basis at the clients’ home. See London’s Learning website for details on tutoring in London or agencies like Personal Tutors for more information on nationwide tutoring.

37. Become a dog walker
Insure Your Pet Today

If you’d like to combine your love of the outdoors and animals then dog walking can be a great way to earn some extra money too! Earnings range from £6 to £10 per half hour. Register your self as a dog walking company at Petpals. For more information read our article on how to make money from dog walking.

38. Earn money for yourself and for charity
Become a charity fundraiser and do your bit for good causes whilst you earn! Charities are constantly on the lookout for people to stand on the street and persuade passers-by to pay monthly amounts to their cause. You can earn between £8.50 and £11 an hour, on average, and the work is flexible. It involves being outside and meeting people, of course, but you could get a lot of abuse from pedestrians. There are several commercial organisations that run campaigns but they keep a percentage of the money raised. Better to work direct for the charity if you would like to do this. Just a few of the organisations looking for fundraisers directly are Shelter and Concern.

39. Make money referring friends to jobs
There are more and more companies offering to pay you to refer your friends. The website Refermehappy has a load of companies that do it, and you can join as either a ‘referrer’ or a ‘friend’ and you both get a referral bonus from the company. Plus, we’ve got loads more companies to look out for in our article on referring friends.

images (1)

Make money part time

40. Become a ‘virtual assistant’
If you’ve got secretarial experience, you could work for small businesses – from the comfort of your own home! Experienced virtual assistants charge up to £25 an hour, visit

41. Get paid to iron
By doing other people’s washing and ironing you can make cash when it suits you, whilst catching up with the EastEnders omnibus! Bring in customers by putting an advert in the local paper, handing out leaflets in your local area or, for more professional advice, check out Mark & Sue’s Ironing Service. If you want to start up your own ironing service business you can buy a starter kit for £175 (which includes your own website, flyers, business cards, and the like). This is quite a comprehensive kit but you could probably do it cheaper yourself – see our article on how to make money by running an ironing service.

42. Earn and get free accommodation
mhaCheck out the job opportunities at Mrs Hunt’s agency for cleaning and household opportunities all over the country. Probably best for those of a practical nature and most of the time accommodation is included.

43. Use your Slivers of Time to work locally
sotA new government-backed website called Slivers of Time can match people with just a few hours to spare here and there with local work that’s just part-time. You just register with the site, get a calendar and then when you’ve got a few hours to spare coming up, put your free time on the calendar. Then these spare hours are sent to local agencies and businesses like call centres, catering companies, retail outlets and distribution centres who regularly have part time vacancies.

44. Find new jobs every day
The Jobs Group website has new jobs coming in all the time. Check it out and sign up for as wide a variety of occupations as you think you might be able to fulfil. If you want to keep your identity private then you can create a new email address on Gmail for example (this is free, of course). If they ask for a CV up front then upload a blank word or text document.

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