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Friday, December 19, 2014

How to Become a Better Freelance Blogger in Just 5 Days Without Doing Any Marketing

You don’t enjoy marketing?
You mean cold calling and sending 10 query emails a week doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? How odd… because that’s exactly what every other freelance blogger tells me, too.
This may be reckless, but here we go:

I give you permission to slack off and skip the marketing for a while. 5 days, to be precise.
Because there are 5 things you need to do. When you’ve done them, you can go back to your marketing and it will work better because of the benefits these 5 actions bring.
Do you wish I’d just shut up and tell you what they are? OK…

Day 1: Pull Yourself Together

How to Become a Better Freelance Blogger in Just 5 Days Without Doing Any MarketingYou know all those things you haven’t done because you didn’t have time? Do them.
Get a haircut, wash your windows, clean up your hard drive, meet your friends for lunch or your spouse for dinner [yes, dinner in front of the TV still counts].
Selling your freelance blogging services and then delivering them as promised is much easier when the rest of your life is well-managed. Each thing that’s niggling at the back of your mind, waiting to be done, distracts you from your primary objectives: to get hired and to get paid.

Day 2: Read and Learn

Pick up a book, or pull up a blog.
Choose anything you like the sound of, as long as it’s related to freelancing, writing or blogging in some way. I’m not checking up on you. 

The Art of Freelance Blogging by Kevin Muldoon just came out recently, so I grabbed a copy to check it out. It’s a thorough and detail-packed book that you could easily spend a few hours with.
Another book I recommend is Tom Ewer’s Successful Freelance Writing Online.
Now, read mindfully. Be aware of what you’re thinking and feeling as you read. Be aware of why. Take notes, not to remind you of what you read, but to remind you what you thought about it.
Notice any insights or conclusions in your reading that you can apply to your freelance blogging career, whether that means avoiding business mistakes you’ve read about or learning a new skill you’ve just discovered.

Day 3: Show and Tell

Show your writing to someone. Don’t merely show it to them; explain it to them. Why did you write it? Why choose that title? How did you decide on your opening line?
Find a willing victim audience and dissect your work so that they can see how it came together. If you can’t find a volunteer, explain it to your cat, your offspring or some other semi-captive audience.
When you’re used to explaining your blogging decisions, you’ll find it much easier to outline a blog post idea to a potential client and justify your rationale.

Day 4: Go Nuts

Do something completely out of the ordinary. Visit a theme park, take up morris dancing… your choice, as long as it’s radically different to your usual day. Shaking up your routine existence does you good in many ways, from preventing burnout to providing inspiration and anecdotes for your next blog post.

Day 5: Rest and Plan

You’re probably tired after the adventures of the day before, so take the morning to rest and relax. In the afternoon, plan your actions for the next day. Put “reassess who my ideal client is” at the top of your to-do list, because after your 5-day break your perspective on who you’d like to work for may have changed.
When you go back to your usual marketing activities, you’ll be more focused and productive thanks to the break and the planning you’ve done. You’ll also be ready to work some of the new ideas you’ve learned into your business.
Hate marketing? Love procrastinating?
For the next 5 days, shirk your marketing duties and play truant with this 5-day plan instead.
If anybody tries to stop you, tell them you’re allowed because you got a note from your mommy. I’ll totally forge that for you. 

Comment for Your Chance to Win a Book!

Kevin Muldoon is letting me give away 3 printed copies of The Art of Freelance Blogging right here on this post, with free delivery to anyone anywhere in the world.
All you need to do is leave a comment below to enter, and tell me what you think of my 5-day zero marketing plan. I’ll choose the 3 winners on July 3rd. Good luck!

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