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Friday, December 19, 2014

50 Blog Directory Sites List 2014- Promote your blog with Blog Directories Submission

Submission Sites 
-For any blogger,
online marketer, or webmaster who are looking to increase Google page rank,
SEO, and backlinks for their blogs or websites- here is this great list of top
100 best, free, unique blog submission sites and article submission directories
where you can automatically/manually submit links of your blogs or websites for
free of cost.
these blog submission sites are top listed best directories for free blogs
submission, websites submission, and articles submission. Though, for getting
huge and fastest backlinks you can subscribe to their paid directory submission
services . All these free and the best directory sites are very useful and SEO
friendly. Your blog or website gets targeted one way incoming or inbound links
from these best blog directories and, as a result your site gets ranked high for SERPs through these back links. All the
below listed blog submission sites and article submission directories are free
to use, and are listed  according to their Google Page Rank (PR1-PR10),
and Global Alexa rank.Many of them don’t require you to register or sign up for
link or url submission. Some directories ask for a reciprocal link from you.

do you get your blog onto the internet blog directories?

There are lots of different directories available, and you will notice
few of them not listing blogs free. But, there are thousands of such directories
that accept free submision, so you need not fret--

Just before you put your blog onto a directory site, make certain that
you recognize exactly what your blog key words are. What type/category it comes
under and fill the details correctly.  When you register your blog site,
these will be needed. You do not intend to take down arbitrary keyword
phrases/description in an initiative to obtain your blog noticed anywhere and
all over.

You know what it seems like to stumble upon a site that has absolutely
nothing to do with your search term, so picture exactly what a blog site reader
would certainly feel when they discover your blog!

Do not let your potential visitors go away!

Make your content understandable and worth returning to. There are many blog authors
out there which do not also spell correctly or create with feeling, and you do
have to establish yourself aside from the rest. Make certain that your blog
site is fully functional and full with the content prior to put it on a blog

These are just a couple of ideas that you may would like to keep in mind
before you begin putting your blog down in blog directories. To learn more, go
to the About and FAQ parts of blog directories to see just what rules you
require to comply with, and the extent of the reach of the directory site. With
great preparation and great key words, and also good content, you will be
successful in blogging.

In the very same way that Google indexes specific web sites and puts
them under the appropriate keyword phrase, so can you increase your blog's
presence over a blog directory.

Blog Submission Sites
list of "blog submission sites" is composed of 3 types of sites where
you can submit your blog for free- 

  • Search Engines Sites.
  • Blog directories sites.
  • article directories.

Types of Blog Link Submission and Blog Directories

  • Free blog-directory-Completely free blog link
  • Partner blog-directory-Reciprocal link required (a
  • Paid blog-directory-They charge you some nominal
    amount for premium directory submission and off-course, they don't ask for
    a reciprocal link.

7 Best of benefits your blog gets out of directory- submissions:

directory submission benefits
  1. First things first, you get huge
    one way backlinks (mostly dofollow) to your blog or website
    through submitting to the blog-directories.
  2. Improved Google page
    ranking-directory submissions can improve SERP rankings of your blogs
  3. You can target some specific
    keywords (niche keyword) for which you want to improve the rankings of
    various pages of your blog and then, you can submit your blog or articles
    (having links back to your blog pages) based on these niche keywords to
    various reputed and relevant article directory websites, blog directory
    sites, Web 2.0 sites. This will surely get your blog pages ranked high in
    many major search engines, and your blog posts would get high Google PR.
  4. Increased search engines web
  5. As a result of directory
    submissions, your weblog gets very well indexed with all the most popular search engines because search engines always index all
    pages of directory sites.
  6. Your website or blog gets listed
    with many other web directories from where your content could be posted on
    many other websites and blogs (through content syndication ). For e.g, almost every
     article published on , gets
    published on at least 20-30 external websites, blogs, and directories
    through content syndication. So, you get multiple back links by article
    posting on just a single directory. Visiblity improvement for your blog ! (vist: 100 best article directories on
    the internet
  7. Your blog or site gets highly
    ranked with relevant keywords, improved SEO, btter page-ranks, increased
    total as well as unique number of back links pointing to your domain (more
    incoming links), better CTR (refined queries, and so more money to your

your kind attention!
" I have listed below some most popular
and the best of all the blog submission sites, blog directory sites, and article submission directories sites-Try to submit
your blog or website to at least 40-60% of all of these free blog submission
 ; and surely you would be getting some really (unexpectedly)
great results !"

Submit your blog or website to best and high PR  search
engines (PR10-PR3) 

Top 15

List of 15 Best Search
Engines to Submit your Blog or Website Free.


Google Add
url             ***[Alexa
Rank-1] [Page Rank 10


Yahoo!  Site
Submission   [Alexa Rank-4]  [Google Page Rank 9]


Link Submission        [Alexa Rank-24]
[Google PR 8]


Gigablast Add
[Alexa Rank-22K] [Google PR 7]


Scrub The Web Add
url     [Alexa Rank-2.8K] [Google PR 6]


Entire Web Submit a
site   [Alexa Rank-3.7K] [Google PR 6]


What U Seek Add
url         [Alexa Rank-29K]
[Google PR 6]


[Alexa Rank-2.7K] [Google PR 5]


Search Sight
Submit Site   [Alexa Rank-7K] [Google PR 5]


Infotiger Add
[Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]


Wal hello Add
[Alexa Rank-70K] [Google PR 5]            


Acoon Add
[Alexa Rank-66K] [Google PR 4]


Free Listing         [Alexa
Rank-20K] [Google PR 3]


Spiffy Search Add
url          [Alexa Rank-75K]
[Google PR 3]


Boitho Submit
[Alexa Rank-140K] [Google PR 3]  

Add free url of your blog/site to the 15 top and best directory
sites with high  PR value (PR8-PR4)


List of 15 Best and
Free Website/blog Submission Directories


Open Directory Submit
url      *** [Alexa Rank-560] [Google PR 8]  


Web World Bulk Submission
        [Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]


So Much  Add site 
[Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]


Amfibi Web Search Submit
url      [Alexa Rank-13K] [Google PR 5]


A1 Web Directory Submit link
     [Alexa Rank-15K] [Google PR 5]


Scoobe Biz Submit
site                 [Alexa
Rank-17K] [Google PR 5]


Info Listings Directory submit link[Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]


Directory Submission  [Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]


SurfSafely Add url  
Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]


Ranking Website Directory add site [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]


Directory Storm submit your
link  [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]


Submit Biz Add
your Web            [Alexa Rank-25K] [Google
PR 5]


Kiwi Dir Submit a link  
              [Alexa Rank-25K]
[Google PR 5]


Mavica Net Add
link                    [Alexa
Rank-35K] [Google PR 5]


Link Centre Add url  
Rank-13K] [Google PR 4]

* The Alexa Rank mentioned for each
entry is not exact, but has been rounded off.Though, it gives you the
estimation close enough to the actual rank ( also, Alexa Rank is never a static
figure and changes much more frequently compared to the Google PR)

Top 10 Best Blog Directories List

  1. Best of the Web Blogs
  2. Technorati Blog Submission
  3. Blog Catalog Link Directory
  4. Super Blog Directory Submission
  5. BloggerNity Link Submission
  6. Bloggapedia Blog Directory 
  7. Blog Directory 4 u
  8. Globe of Blogs
  9. Blogarama Blog Submission
    Directory Site

  10. Blog Hints Directory Submission
  11. Blogged Directory submission
  12. Blog Universe Blog Link

Top 10 Best Article Submission directories

  1. Google
    -A Unit of
    knowledge(from Google) [ Alexa rank:1] [Google PR 7]
  2. eHowHow
    to articles, and more.  [Alexa Rank-149] [Google PR 7]  
  3. SquidooWrite
    Lens(articles) on anything. [Alexa Rank-211] [Google PR7]
  4. Examiner-Write
    about local News.    [Alexa Rank-806] [Google PR 7]
  5. SeekingAlpha-Financial
    market analysis [Alexa Rank-1312] [Google PR 7]
  6. Associated Content-Yahoo! Group
    Content writers community[Alexa Rank-1332] [Google PR 7]
  7. Suite 101 - Online
    Magazine and writer’s network [Alexa Rank-2K] [Google PR 7]
  8. The Free LibraryNews,articles,books,writers
    community [Alexa Rank-4.7K] [Google PR 7]
  9. eZinearticles
    Quality Article Submission Service [Alexa Rank-234] [Google PR 6]
  10. HubpagesCreating
    Hub pages (articles). Content writer’s community [Alexa Rank-321] [Google
    PR 6]
  11. ArticlesBaseA Free
    article directory [Alexa Rank-790] [Google PR 6]
And the best among all of
the blog directories -Technorati  [Alexa Rank-974] [Google PR 8]

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