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Friday, December 19, 2014

Why I’ll Personally Pay You to Be a Freelance Blogger

Hands up if you want to make money from freelance blogging!
Did you literally put your hands up, or did you only think about it?
Either way, keep reading. I’m about to offer you a paid blogging gig.
When I first started up this blog, Jon Morrow and a whole bunch of other experts all told me the same thing: give people something valuable for free if you want them to remember your blog exists.
So I created a free resource that helps freelance bloggers save time and make money: a big list of leads to higher-paying blogging gigs, so that you can confidently ignore cheap job ads and content mills.
That’s exactly what you get in the Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs. The 2012 edition lists 45 blogs that will pay you $50 or more per post, including one blog that pays $1000.
This summer, you’ll be able to get your hands on the new 2013 edition with details of more than 50 high-paying blogs that accept pitches from freelance bloggers.
And that’s the thing: I want to be on my own list, dammit!
People tell me every day how the Ultimate List has helped them find new higher-paying markets. I feel ridiculously proud every time I hear from someone who’s won their very first paid blogging gig through the list I created.
So, how much cooler would it be if you could say that your mad freelance blogging skills have been tested, approved and paid for right here?

Why I Want to Pay You

Why I'll Personally Pay You to Be a Freelance BloggerWriting a blog post, especially a guest post, takes time and energy.
In return, you get a couple of nice links back to your website and a new piece for your portfolio, but I want to give you more.
I want to give you confidence that your work is awesome, and it’s worth paying for.
This means 4 things:
  1. I have to pay you, otherwise what I just said is bullshit.
  2. If I’m paying, I’m only going to choose the best submissions and work with you to make them even better before they go live.
  3. If you get published here on Be A Freelance Blogger, you officially don’t suck. In fact, you’re pretty amazing.
  4. Your post here is going to be one of the best things you’ve ever written (so far).
Now, I realise that paying guest bloggers isn’t the norm. Some people have even suggested that by paying you for your post, I’ll tarnish the purity of our blogging relationship! But I agree with Carol Tice that a blog about paid writing should pay its writers, so I’m gonna hope that our relationship can handle it. 

Why $50?

There are several reasons, including:
  • It’s a nice round number
  • It’s more than double the average hourly wage in the UK or US
  • It’s what I got paid on my first freelance blogging job
In fact, those are the reasons I set $50 as the minimum for inclusion in the Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs.
But the main reason I’ve decided to pay $50 for a guest post is this: I normally charge $100 or more per post.
You’ll be doing the writing, but I’ll be spending a lot of time reviewing guest post pitches and drafts, editing the best submissions, and promoting the posts when they go live. So I’m splitting my usual rate 50/50 with you: you get paid $50, I get paid a $50-worthy guest post for my blog.
If you’ve got something to say about freelance blogging –the market, the work, the lifestyle, the money, whatever makes you talk too fast until your friends tell you to STFU– then I want to hear it.
And if I publish it, you get paid.

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