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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A to Z of Professional blogging including blogging tools, platforms etc

Dear reader do you know? A to Z of Professional blogging including blogging tools, blogging platforms, blogging services and ways of making money from blogging.

A for
AdSense – contextual ad program by Google
Adbrite – sell text ads
Amazon Associates – popular affiliate program
aStore – add an Amazon Store to your Blog
AdGenta – text ads by Qumana (see ‘Q’)
AdRotator – WP ad rotating plugin
Akismet – Comment Spam Fighting Tool
Adhearus – pay per click advertising
AdWords – the advertisers side of AdSense – many bloggers use it to promote their blogs
AzoogleAds – advertising system
Audio Blogger – adds audio to your blog

B for
Build A Niche Store- add an eBay store to your site
Bidvertiser – bid based advertising
Blog Ads – blog advertising network
Blog Jet - blog editing tool
Blog Desk - blog editing tool
Bloglines – Web based RSS feed reader
BlogPulse – blog search tool
BlogPolls – tool for putting polls on your blog
Blog Poll – another blog poll tool
Backpackit – useful organizational tool – blog platform
Bloggers for Hire – bloggers looking for work and potential employers looking for bloggers – service for find guest bloggers while you take a holiday
BlogBurst – syndicates bloggers content for mainstream medium
BlogFlux – blog services portal
BlogRolling – a blogroll management tool
Blogbeat – blog metrics tool
Blogger Jobs – a blog following the advertising of blog jobs

C for
Chitika eMiniMalls – advertising program
CrispAds – blog advertising network
Creative Commons – copyright licenses
Copyscape – tool for checking for content theft/plagiarism
Clicksor – advertising program
Clickbank – library of many affiliate products
Commission Junction – collection of many affiliate programs
Casale Media – advertising solution

D for – social bookmarking
Digg – social bookmarking
Drupal – blog platform
DomainsBot – a tool for finding domain names
Digital Point – useful forum for webmasters

E for
Ecto – blog editing tool
Expression Engine – blog platform
Endo – News aggregator for Mac Users
Ether – lets readers book a consulting call with you from your sidebar

F for
Feedburner – RSS feed management tool – also provides Feed Advertising
Feedster – RSS search Tool
FeedDemon – RSS reader from NewsGator
FeedBlitz – email blog and RSS subscription service
Flickr – photo sharing and hosting
Flock – a browser with in built blogging
Furl – social bookmarking
Free Blog Polls- Blog Poling
FilmLoop – free photocasting network
Feedpass – RSS management – integrates with AdSense
Favicon Maker – make Favicons from photos

G for
Google Analytics - Metrics Tool
Gabbly – add chat to your blog
Google Reader – RSS reader
Gnoos – Australian made blog search tool
Google News – tracking news – many use it as a source of content
Google Blog Search – Google’s…. blog search
Google Sitemaps – get indexed in Google

H for
Haloscan – a free commenting system for blogs (a little dated but I was a tad desperate for a ‘H’

I for
IntelliTXT - In text advertising
Ice Rocket
- blog search engine
J for
Jar (as in Tip Jar) – many bloggers ask their readers for donations/tips – but few make much from them

K for
Kanoodle – Advertising program
Kontera – In text advertising
Keyword and Backlink Tracker - Search Engine ranking tool

L for
LiveJournal – Blog Platform
Linkshare – Affiliate Program

M for
Mars Edit - Blog Editing Tool
Memeorandum – Tracking and Aggregating news from blogs
MyBlogLog – Metrics Tool
Mint – Blog Metrics Tool
MovableType – Popular blog platform
MeCommerce – Sidebar shop – in beta
MSN Adcenter – Coming Soon – Contextual ads

N for
NewsGator – RSS News Readers
Nichebot – keyword research tool
Nameboy – domain name generator
Nucleus CMS – open source blog platform
Netvibes – RSS News Aggregator
Netscape Beta – Social Bookmarking Tool

O for
Only Wire – social bookmarking service
Overture Keyword Tool – keyword research tool

P for
Performancing – great blog, firefox blog editor and metrics tools
Pheedo – RSS advertising
Post2Blog – Blog Editing tool – blog using Word, IE or Firefox
Pingoat – Pinging Tool
Pingomatic – Pinging Tool
pMachine – Blog Platform
Paypal – Payment tool – used by many affiliate programs and ad systems to pay publishers
PPCalc – Paypal Fee Calculator
PubSub – service that notifies you of new content
Photobucket – image and video hosting

Q for
Qumana – Blog Editing Tool

R for
Rojo – RSS feed reader
RocketPost – Blog posting tool
Right Media – advertising
Rmail – subscribe from any RSS feed to email

S for
Sitemeter – a free website stats tool used by many bloggers
Six Figure Blogging – learn to make money blogging (one of my blogging resources)
Shoplinc – add a Chitika store to your blog
Scoopt Words - service to sell bloggers content to mainstream media editors
Sitening – Search Engine ranking tracker
Sparklines – sidebar widgets/graphs
Skype – VOIP tool for networking, podcast interviews etc
Spam Karma – WP comment spam tool
Sitepoint – Forums for webmasters
Slide – photo hosting, slideshows etc
SoloSub – RSS feed management tool
Squidoo – good alternative place to put content, make money and promote your blog
Snap – a preview tool to give your readers a preview of external links on your blog

T for
Text Link Ads - text link advertising system
Technorati – Blog Search engine
Topix – News service – used by many bloggers to find stories
TagCloud - tool for making tag clouds
TinyURL – make long URLs tiny ones
TypePad – Hosted Blogging Platform
Tribal Fusion – Impression Based Ads
3bubbles – live chat on a blog

U for
Unobtrusive Sidenotes - a way of putting sidenotes in your posts

V for
ValueClick – Impression Based Ad Program (was FastClick)
Vizu – blog polls tool
Vox – a new blogging/social bookmarking platform from Six Apart (in beta)

W for
WordPress – Blog Platform – very popular
w.bloggar – blog editing tool
Webpad – web based text editor – recently updated blogs – aggregator
WebmasterWorld – forums for webmasters

X for
Xanga – Weblog Community

Y for
YPN – Contextual Advertising Service
Yutter – RSS/Blog Subscription Service
YouTube – Video Hosting/Sharing
Yutter – RSS/Blog Subscription Service
Yahoo News – Tracking News from around the Web

Z for
Zookoda – RSS to Email and Newsletter tool

Zoudry – blog editor

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