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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Visitors away from your blog

Headlines that drives Visitors away from your blog

A couple of days ago I read a post on copyblogger that is authored by Brian who is also behind teaching sells that talks about creating membership sites thats really do works. inspite of the challenging aspects of his demanding schedule I just dont know how he gets enough time to add such valuable content to his blog consistently !!

In this post he talks about how headlines that sound unreal can ave a negative impact on your traffic. How many times have we read headings like “how to get 10000 subscibers in a single day” or “how to make million dollars in a week automated”or something similar that is obviously almost impossible (considering there are exceptions everywhere :wink: )

So the point is that in our effort to atttract more visitors to out blog and write something that compels the readers to click on our link we sometimes overdo things and makes all the difference. A lot of visitors will simply frown upon such content and never visit your blog. The only readers that will visit your blog actually will be those who are unaware of the truth behind such claims and are quite new in their search for the ultimate guide to doing this until they reallise that its now a child’s play and everyone has to do it the hard way which takes time and effort and most important patience. Yes, one thing I have learnt from bogging that made a difference in my life is patience and I am proud to be a blogger.

Coming back to the point even if you are able to pull in traffic they will soon realise the truth behind all those false claims and will never ever come back to your blog even if you are actually right in your claims in your very next post. Now dont start thinking that there are so many people on the surface of earth and it really dosent matter if we lose some of it. Traffic once lost is lost forever and it works like grapewine. Similarly when you write good content and fulfill your promises it is appreciated and people talk about it in the blogosphere, in forums, social sites and through their own blogs.

Instead of making false claims try to be more realistic in your approach and only claim what you can achieve.

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